Video Production Resources in Melbourne

When you’re scheduling and planning a shoot, and your “To Do” list is ballooning, it can be incredibly daunting to work out exactly what needs to happen before you’re ready to start rolling. But don’t worry – I’ve put together a list of the best video production resources in Melbourne, to help you make sure your shoot will run as smoothly as possible!

Here are a list of questions you can ask to ensure your video production in Melbourne runs smoothly.


Video production resources in Melbourne

How can I find the right location in Melbourne?

A big part of creating the right video is filming in the right locations. And to help you work out the best location for your video production in Melbourne – or in the state of Victoria – you can visit Film Victoria’s “Locations” website, which has information on everywhere from St Kilda to Discovery Bay.

Do I need a video production permit in Melbourne?

This is a good question to consider. In particular, major film and television productions require permits, whilst most straightforward video productions do not.

If your video production is going to have more than six people inclusive of all crew and talent; and/or us equipment/infrastructure/props greater than one camera, one tripod and hand held lighting or sound recording equipment; and/or is likely to interrupt the normal flow of traffic, pedestrian or cycle movements, then you will need to organise a permit with the City of Melbourne. If your crew is any smaller than six people – then you’re okay!

Permits need to be at the forefront of your mind during the planning stage, because no matter how well planned you are, if you don’t have a permit, then you can’t legally film!

Luckily, the City of Melbourne has a helpful website that explains very clearly what goes in to booking a permit to film in Melbourne, alongside a list of fees and conditions. Check it out here.

Is there some sort of Code of Conduct I can look over?

Sometimes, when you’re planning a major video production, questions will come up. And if you have any areas of video production knowledge you’re not familiar with, then you can refer to the Victorian Screen Industry’s Code of Conduct.

Essentially, this guide helps you and your team understand the obligations placed on every individual connected to your video production, and covers areas such as:

  • Appropriate conduct on-shoot, such as taking alcohol and drugs, ensuring animal welfare, and handling guns and firearms;
  • Noise levels, and how you could accidentally breach the “Environment Protection (Residential Noise) Regulation 2008″;
  • Child employment on your video production, and what codes of practice you must adhere to at all times; and
  • Safety requirements that affect every video production in Melbourne.

You can download a .PDF version of the Code from this link.

The Code also suggests that “all relevant permit applications and authorisations have been initiated in good time to secure production dates and times with a specific emphasis on Local Government permits and parking, VicRoads permits, Parks Victoria permits and Victoria Police authorisations.” To help with this, I’ve put together a helpful list of these agencies and how to contact them, below.

How do I contact local authorities?

If you’re filming in Melbourne or out in country Victoria, you can contact any number of these organisations if the need arises:

  • The Local Council relevant to where you’re filming.
  • If you want to film on Victoria’s roads, contact VicRoads.
  • If you’ll be filming in nature, contact Parks Victoria.
  • If you’ll be using firearms, specialised traffic management, or just out of courtesy – contact Victoria Police.

But then, after all that, it’s time to get on to the fun stuff – and hire your crew!

How do I hire crew in Melbourne?

Each video production needs a different crew – but with a comprehensive list of producers, runners and specialised roles, Film Victoria’s Industry Directory has the personnel to keep you covered! Alternatively, if you’re looking to hire one specialised video production company in Melbourne to take care of the entire project – from pre-production to editing – you can view our guide on how to choose the right one, or, alternatively, contact me and I’d be happy to help.