Video Production Company in Melbourne: How to Choose the Right One

You’ve taken the massive step of overhauling your marketing strategy. You want to make your brand stand out, find new clients, and demonstrate exactly what it is that makes your business special. And you’ve chosen video to do this, because you understand the powerful potential that video has to increase your sales.

The next step is to choose a video production company in Melbourne to work alongside you during this journey. It’s a challenging step to take… and that’s where I come in! In this guide, I’ll detail all the things you need to look for – and sometimes, avoid! – whilst you search for the perfect video production provider in Melbourne.

What’s at stake?

Firstly, it’s important to realise what is at stake if you choose the wrong provider. It’s just like any other time you bring an external company to the table: the results of the project will be clear for all your colleagues and managers to see. And it’s important that they see you working with a professional, efficient provider to deliver a great video, because you don’t want the company you choose to reflect poorly on you!

There are some dead-giveaways that you’re looking at the wrong provider. I’ve listed a few here that’ll save you plenty of time and stress, if you heed them:

  • They have no examples of previous work for you to view.
  • They don’t ask you the right questions, and don’t make you feel confident that they understand what you’re looking for.
  • They’re outsourcing your work. They’ve quoted for it, but some other third party will be shooting and editing it.
  • They’d rather talk about their fancy equipment rather than how they’re going to use it to help you.

By hiring the wrong company, you also expend a lot of time, effort, and money in to a result that will leave you underwhelmed, over-budget, and frustrated. Don’t waste those months at work on the wrong video; choose the right provider, and they’ll make sure you get an elegant solution.


The benefits of the right video production company

The right video production company in Melbourne will help you as soon as you make contact with them. When you navigate to their website, they’ll have examples of their work available for you to view. They’ll have case studies of work they’ve done for previous clients, testimonials from satisfied customers, and showreels to demonstrate their full capabilities. And if you’re looking at a top-tier provider, then they’ll have a blog or resources section filled with useful information.

One thing that always staggers me is how many video production companies don’t use video marketing in their own advertising. If I’m looking to hire a photographer, then I want to see examples of their work. The same goes for a band, or a painter, or a car dealership. I think it’s double-standards; if they don’t promote themselves with their work, then why would you trust them to promote your company?

Crucially, the right video production company for you will be easy to contact. And once that communication starts, it should be comprehensive: a good provider will take the time to listen to you, to ask plenty of questions, and to show you that they understand exactly what you need from your video.

The questions you should ask

Okay, I’ve told you about what you should be looking for – now it’s time for me to help you ask the right questions.

  • “Once we start work, how will you keep me updated?” A good video production company will keep you up to date, every step of the way, making you a part of the team. After all – it’s your project!
  • “Who’s in charge of my project? Am I working with your company directly, or are you outsourcing this to a third party?” This is absolutely crucial! Are you dealing with the people in the room, or some shadowy figure you haven’t met?
  • “Is this quote subject to change, or is it fully priced-in?” Are there any hidden fees you need to be aware of? Ensure that the shooting, editing, and delivery are included. And if your production uses music, or stock imagery, or a professional voiceover – is that a part of the quote?
  • “Is our video production backed up?” Good video production companies will ensure that they always keep multiple copies of your footage, audio, and assets, so they’ve got backups if anything goes wrong.