The Complete Package: Video Content Marketing for TXM

When companies produce corporate videos, they want to meet two important markers: to generate a strong return on investment, and to be able to judge the effect their videos have had on their audience. Video Content Marketing is one of our areas of expertise, and in this case study, you’ll learn how we helped Total Excellence Manufacturing (TXM) connect with their potential clients and drive sales by using video content marketing.

What is Video Content Marketing?

Video Content Marketing is the process of building authority in your area of expertise by creating regular videos, and reinforcing your status as a thought leader.

This is based on the idea that now, every business, regardless of what you do, is also a media business. It’s incumbent on you to capture and share your stories, successes, how-tos, educating your target market – and then driving traffic to this content.

Behind the Scenes TXM

How do we get started?

Every marketing package needs due consideration and planning. Before we press record on a camera its important to look at what the client needs and what their audience will respond well to. TXM is no different. The product they offer is assessing the way a business works and then optimising it to make that business more effective. With that in mind, we concluded that the best content for TXM was going to be two styles of online video: Thought Leadership and Case Study videos.

This isn’t necessarily the right video content marketing for every business. There are a range of videos that can be used to market your business and its a case of looking at what you offer and tailoring something that will complement your product and excite your audience.

Thought Leadership

Because TXM are selling their experience and knowledge it was important to make the audience gain genuine trust in their ability. Telling an audience that you’re knowledgable about something isn’t as powerful as showing them with an example. With a case study video you can show your online audience the results of your work and use your clients testimonial to build your credibility. We were given access to a few of the facilities that TXM’s clients work from. This meant we could film the case studies on site and clearly show the work that TXM has done.


Case Study

Thought leadership videos work in a similar way, rather than directly telling an audience about what you can offer, in these videos you give away a little bit of your knowledge for free. By doing this, you establish yourself as an authority in your field. Its like giving your customers a taste of your service so that when they decide they need somebody in your field they already view you as an expert.

Watching the Views Tick Over

The important part of a complete marketing solution is knowing how effective your work has or hasn’t been. The more information you have, the more you can do to improve the next content you record. We provided TXM with monthly breakdowns of their viewer results and we worked together with them this way to make sure their videos were positioned to reach a wide audience. What really pleased us was seeing our initial planning pay off. The engagement with the content that we produced for TXM was outstanding, their audience responded well and the viewership has risen dramatically.

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