Using Video to Help Build your Personal Brand

Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness

Here at Dream Engine, we have had a lot of experience making product videos for businesses. But where do you begin when you are the product?
Motivational speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs and self startups are all in different fields, but in reality they are all selling themselves as an authority.

So how do you set yourself apart in a sea of sameness?

A trend has developed in corporate video where “personal branding” videos have become more common.  A relatively new concept in corporate videos, the “personal branding” video can demonstrate that you are an authority in your field and show off what makes you unique. By using personal storytelling techniques you can frame your strengths and expertise in a compelling package.

Share Something Personal

For a recent video we shot with Melbourne entrepreneur Sam Bashiry, we framed the video around his struggles as a child, being an Iranian refugee that spent his first weeks in Australia in Parkville Detention Centre. What defines Sam’s brand is his emphasis on self belief and hard work, so we allowed Sam to tell his story chronologically, from his start in war-torn Iran, his first days in Australia to his rise as a young entrepreneur, founding the rapidly growing telecommunications company Broadband Solutions.

Sam has parlayed his business success into the public speaking circuit, and a visually striking “personal branding” video was an integral part of his plan. By using a more emotional form of direct storytelling, we enabled Sam to do what he does best, and that is to inspire people through his story.


Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is another concept that has become increasingly common but it ties in strongly with personal branding. Put simply, thought leadership is a type of content marketing where you tap into the expertise and in depth knowledge within your business, or from your community, to answer questions and provide a unique viewpoint that will set you apart and present yourself as a leader in your field.

Most of the successful examples of thought leadership rely on a strong social media presence through giving and receiving feedback, and video can be a great way to build trust in your brand.

Social media is a logical extension to amplify your message and establish your niche in thought leadership. It’s one thing to just publish content regularly, but it is far more effective to get people actively involved by commenting on and sharing your videos. This way, your viewers will do your marketing for you and ideally you will develop “brand ambassadors,” people willing to vouch for you and share your content.

For Sam Bashiry’s video, it was posted through numerous channels, including his business website, personal website and various social media outlets. Within days it had been viewed 7000 times on YouTube and will be used to gain business for his public speaking venture.

By offering your followers or potential clients a regular video update that has value to them or demonstrates your strengths, they will associate you or your ”brand” with your area of expertise.

These Days Everyone is in the Publishing Industry

Doing one thing well is no longer enough to sustain a business these days. You need to also be a social media publisher to keep ahead of the curve.

Social media works through a constant stream of ideas being published, often for anybody to read or watch. If you’re on social media, you’re a publisher of ideas. Social media is a hungry beast that needs to be fed regularly, and that means creating something worth sharing.

In terms of personal branding, everything you post to social media is a reflection of your “brand.” By having a strategy planned, you can get the most out your social media reach and offer knowledge from your own personal publishing company. There may be dozens of competitors in your field, and producing high quality video content is a powerful differentiator


When your product is you, standing out from the pack is vital. By utilising video in your social media, you start build a personal connection with many people. By demonstrating your authority with an easily shared medium like video, you can achieve your position as a thought leader and grow your audience rapidly.