The Video Marketing Trends You’ll See in 2017

2017 is upon us and video marketing isn’t sitting still. The way we consume media is evolving so rapidly that it can be exhausting trying to keep up. But ignoring the trends might see your work being ignored in turn. We’ve put together a list of the trends and technologies that will be effective in 2017 so that you can keep up.

Short, sharp Facebook and Instagram videos.

Video marketing on social media have been adapting and evolving pretty quickly and they won’t be slowing down any time soon. Seriously, they’re getting faster and faster. Try to keep up with this commercial from the advertising trend setters at Apple:

What’s the reason behind these fast-paced kinetic videos? It comes down to our attention span. When we’re in ‘social media browsing mode’ we don’t tend to linger on things for a long time. A short video stands a much better chance of being watched because it’s a much smaller investment of peoples time. It’s also becoming more popular to include animated text in videos (again see the apple example) because it means people don’t necessarily have to watch it with the sound on.

Targeted video marketing

Targeted marketing means targeting specific people, groups, genres, users with specific content tailored to them. It’s been around for a while but every year, as new software is developed, it becomes easier to implement. The advantage of targeted marketing is that you can create content that’s far more effective when you know exactly who your customer is.

It’s also not just who you’re selling to that’s important. You can also target different stages of a buying transaction.

360 degree and VR

Last year it was drones, this year 360 degree and virtual reality are the two technologies I think will matter. But what do they have to do with marketing? Whilst technically they are still video, they present a whole new way to give your audience an experience. Viewers can feel like they’re experiencing something that they can’t physically attend. How it will disrupt traditional video remains to be seen but our prediction is that they will live along side each other because they serve a different purpose.


Live Videos

Like virtual reality and VR, we’re seeing live video pop up very frequently. This is another advance in technology that is allowing a whole new kind of video to exist on social media platforms. Just like VR and 360 degree video, it gives the viewer a sense of being somewhere they couldn’t otherwise be. Because it’s live, editing isn’t really possible so it only works in a few situations for a few purposes. But for time sensitive or one off event situations, it’s a very powerful way to bring people together from anywhere in the world.

Honourable mentions

I see drone footage continuing to grow in popularity as it gets easier to achieve, it’s worth thinking about as it can really help to tell a story. ‘Viral’ videos will continue to be the goal for many companies. This one is a bit of a pipe dream and we advise caution. It’s hard to predict what will go viral and also hard to manufacture. Gimmicks like fake videos (see Hawthorn Football Club video below) are a risky move as we often see backlash when the company behind them is revealed.

It’s exciting times for video and we’re looking forward to creating more effective marketing videos for our clients in 2017.