The Power of Online Video Production

“Show Me Something”

We stumbled upon this nice little online video production made by the guys at Shutterstock and if you’re thinking of using video to market your business then it’s definitely worth taking a minute to watch. It tells us a few things about the power of online video that might surprise you.

The Power of Online Video Production

These two points from the video are really important:

  • Video in email has a 96% greater chance of being clicked on than text
  • If people look you up online then they are much more likely to click a video link than a text link

This information alone tells you that an audience much prefers to watch than to read. By giving people the choice to actually see what you want to show them, you’re doing yourself a huge favour.

The numbers for online videos is also astounding; 190 million Americans watched 75.6 billion videos in January 2014. People are definitely hungry for content. Advertisers see the potential of putting video ads online too; their spending has more than doubled in the last few years.

So what does all this this mean for you? like the title suggests, people want you to show them something so its worth getting involved. If you have something of value, if its information, a product, a story, then people want it shown to them. There are so many ways you can present information using video too, from info-graphics to short documentary style case studies there is an engaging way to get your message across. Technology and the internet have made it far simpler to generate and view stunning content and we know people respond far better to it. Taking the first steps to creating your own video content is easy but we’ve made it even easier with this guide to planning your online video production.