The Steps Involved in Making a Video Production: The Editing Stage

We’ve worked hard to plan your video, and then execute our skills when we shoot your video. The final step involved in creating a corporate video production is editing, where we take what we’ve filmed, and edit it together into the finished product.

Editing Your Video Production

The first step of the editing process is ingesting all of your footage and backing it up. This is a relatively small step in the process, but it is absolutely crucial!

A common misconception is that the editing process works over two steps: capturing the footage, and then creating the fully-fledged video. But there are some smaller steps in-between that are missing. And the first step is:

Creating a Rough Cut

The first thing you can expect to see is a rough cut. The rough cut is where we create the scaffolding of your video, working to the blueprint we’ve established in the planning stage. We offer you the opportunity to deliver your feedback in-between receiving the cuts of your video – and after viewing the rough cut, you have your first opportunity to do this.

The next step is for you to review your video, and respond with your feedback and any tweaks you’d like made. We ask our clients to note the timecode of each change – for example, “3:44 – Please insert the attached image of a man teaching a first aid course”. Part of the editing stage is to turn your finished video around for you quickly, and clear, time-coded feedback, allows us to make your changes smoothly.

Updating the Fine Cut

After sending through your changes, you’ll soon receive your fine cut. We’ve started to insert elements such as music and titles, and we’ve made an initial sound mix and color grade. The fine cut is 80% there, and you once again have the opportunity to supply us with your feedback, with the aim of finalising your video.

Finessing the Final Cut

From the planning stage, to throughout the shooting process, we’ve been working towards this moment. We’ve taken on-board your feedback, and have put together the final cut of your video.

We’re confident we will have put together your video as you intended, but on the off-chance that there are any final tweaks or touch-ups you’d like to make, you have the opportunity of coming to our editing suite, and working with one of our editors until you’re 100% happy with your finished video.

Now, we deliver you a high-resolution master copies of your video, both optimised to play and host on the web, and also to view on your desktop. But there’s one more step in the video production process: the marking and distribution of your video.

Video Marketing and Distribution

If you’re working with a regular video production company, you’ll be delivered a video that is then sent off in to the ether, with no way of measuring how successful it is. But if you’ve chosen us to produce your video, we will help you market and measure your video effectively. We will help you choose the best method of distribution – DVD, USB, or email? – and the best way of marketing it. And if you choose us to host your video online, we’ll provide you with video analytics reports which provide measurable data in easy-to-understand charts – so that you can quantify exactly how well your video is performing!

The purpose of creating this guide on planning for, shooting, and editing your video production is to help you navigate what can be a tricky and intimidating process. We pride ourselves on making this whole process easy and straightforward, and hope that these articles have helped you understand our systems better.