The Steps Involved in Making a Video Production: The Shooting Stage

We’ve been in the video production business for over fifteen years now, and in that time, one thing has become increasingly apparent: everybody loves the shooting stage! It’s the “rock star” part of creating a video. It’s where we call “lights, camera, action!” and start putting your video together. But to there’s more to it than that. Watch the video below, and you’ll find out what we bring to the shooting stage that sets us apart from other corporate video production companies in Melbourne.

Shooting Your Video Production

When it comes to filming, it is important to understand that not all shoots are the same, because every video production company approaches them differently. Some companies approach the shooting stage with a mentality of, “we’ll bring the camera and the lights, and let the magic happen.” Others have rigid systems and set ups which they don’t mould on a job-by-job basis.

What we bring to the table is a clear understanding of what you need. I’ve spoken at length about the effort we go to in the planning stage to ensure that everything is mapped out and clearly understood by all parties. By the time that we arrive at the shoot, we’ve selected the right equipment for the job, set aside the right amount of time, and know exactly what we need to produce the right video production for you.

But we also bring other elements to the shoot, which can be neglected by other video production companies. We like to focus on the human element of video production.

On-Set Atmosphere

All of the work we’ve done in the planning stage has been based around making the shoot run as simply and easily as possible. But corporate video production shoots can be stressful. That’s why we focus on creating the right atmosphere on-set. We’re video production professionals, and that is how we approach our shoots: with an air of professionalism and calmness. This also informs how we interact with people.

Working with People

One of the key concerns of our clients is how we reflect on them as professionals. How we interact with our clients and their stakeholders is informed by fifteen years of producing corporate video productions, and we pride ourselves on being able to perform our roles confidentially and professionally.

If we’re shooting in an office, or a home, or in a building lobby – we work hard to ensure we are inconspicuous and unobtrusive.

Managing On-Camera Talent

Another important aspect of shooting is how we manage the people appearing on-camera. Depending on the budget and size of the video, we may be working with professional, trained actors, or alternatively, someone who has never set foot in front of a camera before! Either way, our approach doesn’t change. We understand that people can sometimes be nervous and self-conscious when they appear on camera – so it’s our role to set them at ease, by building a rapport with them to ensure they’re loose and relaxed in front of camera, and offering feedback if they need some help or direction.

Calling “Action!”

We’ve discussed how we plan for the shoot; how we interact with your bosses, clients, and co-workers; and how we help manage the talent appearing in your video. Now it’s a case of us using our video production skills to roll and record! You can trust us to capture the footage we need to make you a beautiful corporate video.

The next step is to ingest this footage in to the editing suite and begin putting your video together. You can click here for more information. And if you need any further advice on the shooting stage, contact me today.