Increasing Subscribers With Sales Video

Port Phillip Publishing is an independent financial publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. They provide independent financial commentary, economic analysis and market forecasts for over 180,000 readers.

Moving to Sales Video

Port Phillip Publishing wanted to start incorporating sales videos into what was previously just written communication with their subscribers. The old business model was to post out long sales letters and request the reader to fill out a response and post it back but this model needed to be updated.

Port Phillip Publishing wanted to create online sales letters that played as a video while being read aloud by their editors. As well as this, they wanted to create engaging video content that they could use to build rapport and credibility with existing and potential subscribers.

Behind the scenes

The Approach

With a project that involves ongoing monthly work, our approach is to get the content right for the client and then systemise the process. This means that every time we make a sales video for Port Philip Publishing we can go into their Melbourne based studio and have a blueprint for exactly how we’ll set up and shoot their videos. The benefit is that each sales video is consistent with the last and the time it takes to produce them is considerably shorter.

Sales Video

The Results

Since Port Phillip Publishing started producing sales videos with Dream Engine, the response to their promotions has increased by almost 300%.

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