How to Find the Right Video Production Crew

If you haven’t been using video regularly in your marketing, you’ve been missing out. Video is an incredibly effective way to grow your reach and by utilising an experienced production crew, you can get a huge boost in creating videos that set you apart from your competitors. If you’re new to video marketing, it’s important to understand the steps you should take before deciding on the right video production crew.

Who is your audience?

Every video needs an audience, and before you even put pen to paper to start planning your video, you need to understand your target audience and who you want watching your video. After all, a video without an audience is pointless. Are you looking to create some product videos to show off your new technology? Or perhaps you’re just looking to make some simple, elegant tutorials with one of your expert staff. Whatever your plan, you should be familiar with what your competitors are doing in the industry, and then do it better. Find a production company that has experience in your field, whether it’s technology, training, health, whatever it is you should make sure that they understand your industry and what resonates with your audience.


Work Within Your Budget

Creating high-quality video in-house is a very expensive proposition. Professional camera, lights and sound equipment are all a significant investment, as are the experts required to operate it all properly so everything runs smoothly. Production companies will offer all these services, as well as the things that are often neglected in corporate video, like story structure, planning and logistics, and the years of experience can usually find solutions that may be a roadblock to others.

Who is the Right Video Production Crew for you?

After you have identified your target market and who you would like to sell to, you can begin your search for the right video production crew to handle the difficult task of the creative and technical aspects of video production. Not only will you have to find the right external video crew to assist your production, but you have to find the right people in-house to work with you on creating the goals and outcomes you want to achieve from the video. This may be a media liaison, social media team, or even human resources. Many of those in similar roles will have experience dealing with video production crews and will “speak the language,” when it comes to video. You should assemble the team that will be accountable for creating the brief for your video, and when meeting or speaking to your potential production crew, you can run through the brief and see if they have the capabilities you need to make your vision come to life.

Go Forth and Create!

video production crew

Once you have established a relationship with your production company, you can begin creating content and building a library of footage and videos. If you film weekly or monthly updates, or some tutorials, you will begin to create a bit of a library of footage, which can be used for promotion, YouTube playlists and much more. This comes in handy when giving quotes to clients as you can show them a related video you’ve already filmed, or you can repurpose and re-use footage from older shoots to add some production value to new footage, it’s an investment in itself.