How to Find the Right Stock Music

Video is primarily a visual medium, so much so that music is often an afterthought in video production. But try watching a video without any music… It seems strange and eerily silent. That’s why choosing the right piece or pieces of music can have a huge impact. For most corporate videos, you will be licensing music from one of the many stock music websites and sources that are available.

So how do you find the right music for your video?

Royalty Free Stock Music

Licensing a popular track you’ve heard by a well-known band is usually far too expensive for most video productions, so royalty free stock music is the way to go.

Years ago, stock music would be purchased in bulk on DVDs, where the choice was limited to what could fit on the disk. But now, as times have changed and the internet marketplace is swarming with options for Royalty Free music. And paired with the rise in affordable home recording equipment, the quality and quantity of the tracks is better than ever.

Websites like and have millions of songs produced by independent artists, and they have all been categorised by keywords and genre for your convenience. 

Try Before You Buy


There is a hugely varying range of quality in terms of stock music. The quickest way to ensure that you are picking the right songs for your video is to write down some key words that you identify with the video. Pick adjectives to describe the content of your video. Words like “electronic,” “epic,” or “inspirational,” will all give you different results with similar styles. You can then download a preview version with an audio watermark (usually a voiceover saying the name of the stock music company) so you can get an idea of what the track sounds like and mix it in with your images. Once you find a track that fits the mood of your video, don’t get too attached. Music is incredibly subjective, so test it out with a few people before paying for the license.

What to Listen Out For

stock music

Once you have narrowed down your selection to a few tracks, think about how they work together with the video. Is the tone right? it’s no good having a moody dramatic song when you want your audience to be getting excited. Listen to the rhythm and the tempo and make sure you select something that isn’t going to completely dominate the video. Then you should get a few people to judge the quality of the song. Does it engage? Is it well recorded and mixed? Try listening with pair of good headphones to go through it with a fine tooth comb.

The Right Music for the Right Audience

Music is extremely subjective. What one person loves, another hates – like country music. It’s the reason that there is a never ending supply of new music coming out. 

When choosing music for video, you need to put aside your personal preference, and think about the audience you are trying to reach.  What genres and styles of music do they listen to? Which songs best represent your brand? So when you are deciding on what track you want for your video, make sure that you can see the end result from the perspective of your viewers.

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