FAQ videos: How They Can Help Your Business

Creating FAQ video is a very powerful, and often under-utilised, strategy to help build your web presence, assert your authority in your niche, and serve your customers more effectively. Dream Engine has produced a number of FAQ video series for clients, as well as for our own website. In this post I’ll explain some of the background behind FAQ videos, and how to harness their power.

FAQ videos are, just as the name suggests, videos that answer frequently asked questions. These are the sort of questions that your prospects and new clients regularly ask. The sort of information that people are looking for before they start doing business with you. As well as the type of information that will help to improve the experience of your current clients.

So it makes sense to create a library or repository of this information that can be easily accessed.

But why make videos when this content can be easily communicated through text? Because videos, when made well,  are more engaging, and help viewers to take in information more effectively. Also, video is a great way of showing how things work rather than just telling. Video can be more personal and intimate too, so clients have an experience of feeling more connected to you and the personality of the business.

Avplan FAQ

Another advantage of making video FAQ’s is that it can be a very effective part of your online content marketing strategy. If you’re trying to improve the ranking of your website, you should know that Google likes new, fresh content to be added to websites on a regular basis. By adding a video FAQ, as well as a transcription of the content, it will help add weight and authority to your site in the eyes of Google. And these pages are likely to perform well in ‘long-tail’ search. This refers to when someone types in a very specific, often multi word search term rather than a generic term. It has become increasingly challenging to rank pages on your website for general or one word terms because they are so competitive. But it is a lot easier to rank for ‘long tail’ terms which drive web traffic to the exact answer or piece of content they’re looking for.

FAQ video

Another advantage of creating video FAQ’s is that they reduce the number of contacts to your help desk because your customers can often find the answers that they are looking for online. This helps to save time and money.

Importantly, video FAQ’s help to build your perceived authority in your industry. The more videos that you make that feature you speaking to the camera and sharing useful information and demonstrating your expertise, the more you will cement your expert status.

So, get started, think about the most important questions your audience want to know. FAQ videos are cost effective because they can be filmed in a batch, and don’t require additional content. To talk further about FAQ videos, contact me today.