Event Video: Melbourne International Film Festival

Late in 2014, Dream Engine were hired for an exciting project: to produce an event video same-day edit at the Melbourne International Film Festival!

The Brief

Edelman Australia is a public relations firm based in Melbourne. One of their clients, Audi Australia, has a strong social media presence, and is also a major sponsor of the Melbourne International Film Festival, or MIFF.

We’ve worked with Edelman’s Melbourne office before on a range of corporate videos. So when Audi approached them to cover MIFF’s opening night, they contacted our office with this brief:

“We need an exciting event video for our social media channels. Our client is a major sponsor of the Melbourne International Film Festival, so you will have access to the red carpet to interview the celebrities, actors and directors. We’ve organised a journalist to conduct the interviews. This video is really timely, so it needs to be edited overnight so that it can go out first thing in the morning on our social media channels!”

Our Approach

The first thing we focused on was ensuring that we had the team in place to capture the event. We’ve been producing event videos for over a decade, so we understand that time management is crucial. So we ensured that we worked closely with our client to understand their brief and exactly what we needed to capture on the night.

Melbourne International Film Festival

The advantages of a same-day edit

What a same-day edit means for you is that you can strike whilst the iron is hot, and get timely content out to your audience whilst they’re still thinking about it.

A great same-day edit can recap an event for an audience who weren’t there, or help attendees relive the thrills of the event that’s still fresh in their mind.

For a video production team, a same-day edit is a fun and unique challenge. Time is of the essence, so you have to capture great footage, but avoid over-shooting and making it difficult to edit.

Our approach to same-day edits is to plan how the video will come together.

Straight away, we decided that the best way to cover the event was to use two cameramen. This meant that one cameraman could record the interviews, whilst the second cameraman could rove around the event and capture the room, the people, the logos and signage, and everything else that captures the flavour and energy of the event.

We went in to the shoot at the Melbourne International Film Festival with an understanding of the content we needed to create a great event video.

As event coverage is so fluid, these plans can change on the night, but in this case we were able to stick to the plan, and it made for an oustanding result for Audi.


The Results

Audi were delivered a beautiful event video that they distributed first thing in the morning the day after the event, which means that the video reached their audience in a timely manner. And because we had planned our approach in-depth, not only did this video recap the event, it also advertised the festival and Audi’s involvement – exactly what the client needed!

Jamie Garantziotis from Edelman shared this event video testimonial after this shoot:

“I’ve worked on multiple client projects with Ryan and his team during my time to date at Edelman. On each occasion I’ve been impressed by the team’s attention to detail and commitment to producing excellent work. I’m delighted to highly recommend Ryan and his team.”

So, do you want to create a great-looking event video? Maybe you’re considering a same-day edit to impress your social media audience? Contact us today with any questions you may have.