Reaching an Audience With Documentary Video

In 2014, we were commissioned by the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program (NMHP) to create a corporate video to introduce them and advertise their services to potential new clients. Here’s why we decided to make them a documentary video.


We always aim to fully understand our client’s needs and what is important to them. We place a large emphasis on the planning stage of the video production process, and like to meet with our clients regularly in the lead up to discuss their needs and ideas.

In this case, Ryan, our Managing Director, met with the NMHP’s staff, and their clients, multiple times, to build rapport with them and develop an understanding of what makes the NMHP’s service unique.

This is all about getting the best video for the client. To choose the right tone, style, and content for the video, we need to understand what challenge the NMHP is facing, and focus on how we can address this challenge using video.

What they needed from their video

The biggest challenge facing the NMHP is the stigma nurses and midwives attach to seeing a councillor. This acts as a barrier to entry into the NMHP’s counselling service. There is a large amount of trepidation, and questions such as, “am I going to be listened to?” and “is this service truly confidential?”.

The NMHP’s aim was to address these fears using video.

Why we chose the Documentary video approach

Once we understood these key concerns, we knew exactly which format we wanted to use for this project: the Documentary video approach. Undertaking counselling is a highly personal step. Therefore, we wanted to produce a genuine, honest, and deeply personal video. It couldn’t be sales-y or manufactured. And the documentary video format allowed us to tick all of these boxes.

Our approach was to tell the story of one of the NMHP’s rehabilitated nurses. One client, that has returned to the workforce with the proper support systems in place to keep her happy at her job.

This allowed us to tell Danni’s story as a way to introduce people to the NMHP.

Documentary video was the perfect medium for this project, as by telling Danni’s story, viewers get an idea of what it’s like to work with the NMHP, to be in their system and benefit from their expertise.

The results

The documentary video we produced for the NMHP helps to remove those doubts and fears from potential NMHP clients, and encourage them to take the next step and contact the NMHP.