Stand Out from the Crowd with App Video

You’re an app developer working on the forefront of mobile technology. You’ve put in hours-upon-hours of blood, sweat, and tears into designing the perfect app, hot off the presses. But you’re competing in an over-saturated marketplace. So how do you stand out?

This article will explain how we harnessed the power of app video to put two of our client’s products ahead of the crowd.

Why should I promote my app with video?

Video is a powerful form of online advertising. And when you consider how much effort is put in to the design of an app – how long it takes to create a logo, select a color scheme, and ensure it looks sleek and beautiful – it makes sense to put an equal amount of effort in to advertising your video.

A beautiful app video will help your app sell itself. And when it comes to standing out in the App Store and on Google Play, any advantage is absolutely vital!

Case Study #1: KeptMe


KeptMe is an app designed to bridge the gap between students, parents, and teachers. It has been created to track a child’s progress through their years at school, from kindergarten all the way through to graduating from university. They commissioned us to create an app video that would advertise the benefits of using KeptMe in a way their audience could empathise with.

As this app is marketed at parents and teachers, we worked closely with the app’s developers to write a script that would connect with them in an appealing, organic, and non-salesy way. We scripted this video to star a university graduate reflecting on the memories that the app has collected for him. We supplemented this with screen-captured footage of the app in motion, and used music and narration to make the whole package come together.

Click play below to see the completed video:

Its very important for us to pitch to our investors because this is our dream. We want to share [the video] with them what we are trying to achieve. Dream Engine helped us make that dream come true. 
Christina Keing, KeptMe Co-Founder


Case Study #2: B&D


B&D have been creating reliable, well-built garage doors in Melbourne for over fifty years. Like many other companies, they’ve become increasingly digital – which has lead to them creating a global smartphone app that allows their customers to open, close, and check the status of their garage door from anywhere in the world. It’s a great idea for those of us who reach lunchtime and think, “did I remember to close my garage door this morning?”

We wanted to produce a video that is as cutting-edge as the app itself. Motion graphics help to add a “wow” factor to our videos, and they were a natural fit for this project as the app itself is cutting-edge and innovative. We wrote a script, and worked with a presenter in a Port Melbourne green-screen studio to explain the features and benefits of the app. Then, we recorded footage of the smartphone app in use in our studio, and begun work on the motion graphics side of the video – adding movement, cool transitions and on-screen text to ensure that the video was as dynamic and impressive as the app itself is.

Check it out below:

 Just did [the video presentation]. Nailed it and video got unsolicited applause from group of 150+ dealers! Well done. 
Danny Collins, B&D Marketing Manager

Choosing the right company for your app video

Getting your app discovered is tough. Great apps need great advertising. To get started on an app video that will help your product rocket to the top of the sales charts, contact our Melbourne-based video production company today.