Power of Online Video Production

The Power of Online Video Production

“Show Me Something” We stumbled upon this nice little online video production made by the guys at Shutterstock and if you’re thinking of using video to market your business then it’s definitely worth taking a minute to watch. It tells…

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Documentary Video

Reaching an Audience With Documentary Video

In 2014, we were commissioned by the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program (NMHP) to create a corporate video to introduce them and advertise their services to potential new clients. Here’s why we decided to make them a documentary video. Background…

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Behind the Scenes TXM

The Complete Package: Video Content Marketing for TXM

When companies produce corporate videos, they want to meet two important markers: to generate a strong return on investment, and to be able to judge the effect their videos have had on their audience. Video Content Marketing is one of our…

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The Steps Involved in Making a Video Production: The Planning Stage

At first glance, making a video production can seem incredibly intimidating. Many of our first-time clients come to us and admit that they don’t know where to begin. And that’s why we’ve produced this guide, covering each step of the video production process….

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The Shooting Stage

The Steps Involved in Making a Video Production: The Shooting Stage

We’ve been in the video production business for over fifteen years now, and in that time, one thing has become increasingly apparent: everybody loves the shooting stage! It’s the “rock star” part of creating a video. It’s where we call “lights, camera,…

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The Editing Stage

The Steps Involved in Making a Video Production: The Editing Stage

We’ve worked hard to plan your video, and then execute our skills when we shoot your video. The final step involved in creating a corporate video production is editing, where we take what we’ve filmed, and edit it together into the…

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