How to Get Your Audience’s Attention in the First 5 Seconds

Your attention span is shorter than a goldfish. Yes, you heard me. If you believe the researchers in Canada, Your attention span is now less than the brain of the humble and often derided goldfish. So what does that have…

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Using Video to Help Build your Personal Brand

Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness Here at Dream Engine, we have had a lot of experience making product videos for businesses. But where do you begin when you are the product? Motivational speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs and self startups…

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Creating web videos for Greg Merrilees at Studio1Designs

If you’ve ever thought about what goes into making a web video then keep reading. I’m going to step you through our process for making a series of information videos for Greg Merrilees from It’ll give you a good sense of the web…

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Avplan FAQ

FAQ videos: How They Can Help Your Business

Creating FAQ video is a very powerful, and often under-utilised, strategy to help build your web presence, assert your authority in your niche, and serve your customers more effectively. Dream Engine has produced a number of FAQ video series for…

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Event Video: Melbourne International Film Festival

Late in 2014, Dream Engine were hired for an exciting project: to produce an event video same-day edit at the Melbourne International Film Festival! The Brief Edelman Australia is a public relations firm based in Melbourne. One of their clients, Audi Australia,...
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Corporate Video

Increasing Subscribers With Sales Video

Port Phillip Publishing is an independent financial publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. They provide independent financial commentary, economic analysis and market forecasts for over 180,000 readers. Moving to Sales Video Port Phillip Publishing wanted to start incorporating sales videos into what…

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There's a lot to think about when you're planning a video production... as you can see here!

Video Production Resources: What to consider when you’re going it alone

You’re familiar with the power of online video, and you want to create your own. Maybe you want to to build your brand, or drive more sales, or train your staff, and you know that video is the perfect way to do this....
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Video production resources in Melbourne

Video Production Resources in Melbourne

When you’re scheduling and planning a shoot, and your “To Do” list is ballooning, it can be incredibly daunting to work out exactly what needs to happen before you’re ready to start rolling. But don’t worry – I’ve put together…

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Video Production Company in Melbourne: How to Choose the Right One

You’ve taken the massive step of overhauling your marketing strategy. You want to make your brand stand out, find new clients, and demonstrate exactly what it is that makes your business special. And you’ve chosen video to do this, because you…

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Stand Out from the Crowd with App Video

You’re an app developer working on the forefront of mobile technology. You’ve put in hours-upon-hours of blood, sweat, and tears into designing the perfect app, hot off the presses. But you’re competing in an over-saturated marketplace. So how do you…

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