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What you should look for in a video production company

There are new video production companies opening up every day. And why not? It’s a growing industry with video for online and social media growing rapidly. With new technology, the barrier to entry for new video companies is dropping every…

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Educational Video

Paramedic Training Videos For Stryker

The brief Stryker are an international medical technology company that make products for a wide range of applications. One Stryker product playing an important role in ambulances across Australia is the Power-Pro stretcher. The Power-Pro stretcher is a hydraulic stretcher…

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The Video Marketing Trends You’ll See in 2017

2017 is upon us and video marketing isn’t sitting still. The way we consume media is evolving so rapidly that it can be exhausting trying to keep up. But ignoring the trends might see your work being ignored in turn….

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How to Get Your Audience’s Attention in the First 5 Seconds

Your attention span is shorter than a goldfish. Yes, you heard me. If you believe the researchers in Canada, Your attention span is now less than the brain of the humble and often derided goldfish. So what does that have…

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